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by Maryam Ahmed

Posted on February 18, 2022


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SkyEx is proud to be a part of the prestigious Etisalat SMB (Small and Medium Business) awards, held at the Hilton Hotel in Dubai,UAE on the 15th of February2022. The main focus of the event is to drive small and medium businesses towards growth and digitisation.

The economy of the UAE is dependant on the many varied and diverse small businesses and industries, and the government is pushing for more advancements in these fields to expedite overall growth and progress of the community as a whole.

Esam Mahmoud, Senior Vice President, SMB, Etisalat, said “We are delighted to recognise such hardworking, dedicated and visionary leaders who have made their mission to drive their business forward. This initiative is in line with our continuous efforts to support SMBs in the UAE by creating a platform that puts a spotlight on our SMB customers, consequently solidifying Etisalat Group’s position as the preferred business partner of choice in the UAE.”

Being a part of the event, has reinforced ideals, already consistent to SkyEx. The logistics industry, akin to other businesses , needs to focus on the fourth industrial revolution. The key technologies to focus are AI modelling and Analytics. Technological collaborations from augmented reality will change the way we do business from the way we work to where we work. This will provide digital capability to bring vertical SMB industries on a linear horizontal platform with multi-level advanced integration systems.

SkyEx’s mission for the year 2022 is enhanced user experience in terms of technological integration, AI and machine learning. Manual updates will completely be replaced with real-time tracking through improved messenger apps and the introduction of Aliya, a multimedia enhanced IVR, will add to the overall improved experience.

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