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Bank documents

SkyEx provides safe and secure delivery solutions for banks, credit cards, and financial statements.

Cash on Delivery

We provide convenient and reliable payment method, by collecting the value of delivered goods of our customers.

Bullet services

These are premium services offered by us to companies that prefer time bound deliveries between two points.

Mail-Room management services

We understand the large number of correspondences, received by our corporate customers.
SkyEx helps in handling these correspondences by becoming a sort of mailman, managing incoming and outgoing mails between corporate offices of our customers.

Commercial parcels

SkyEx helps trading and corporate customers to move around their products from factories to retail outlets and from their stores to the door-step of their customers.
This service also includes movement of damaged products to their respective repair centers all across UAE.

Return services

We understand that our customers need to focus on their primary business; this in turn allows them to efficiently manage their man-power. They can depend on us by outsourcing all their cash collections and recording of delivery notes.

Corporate Invoice Management

We take care of bulk invoices of our corporate customers, by delivering them confidentially and on time.


SkyEx provides a wide range of services for the novel on-line shopping customers. This includes e-tail shopping, distribution and deliveries throughout UAE.

Bulk Deliveries

SkyEx offers solutions catering to customers with monthly or weekly distribution requirements. These deliveries are periodical in nature.

Consignee only delivery

This service is offered to companies who require deliveries to specific recipients. This allows for the highest level of confidentiality in deliveries.

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